Teacher categories: Ashtanga

Theresa Aldridge

Theresa's intention as a teacher is to help students acquire an awareness of the body and breath and to work towards strengthening the body, calming the mind, opening the heart and cultivating balance in the face of life’s challenges and find deeper access to joy and potential.

Hebe Richardson

Hebe is an inclusive yoga teacher with a passion for accessible movement. All of Hebe’s classes are invitational, where you can expect to explore movement, breath and mindfulness in a fun and joyful way. Her classes are person centred and beginner friendly, encouraging curiosity about our bodies and movement without judgement.

Emily Orme

Emily’s priority as a yoga teacher is to create a welcoming, non-judgemental and nourishing environment. Her classes encourage people to question their movement habits with a playful and flowing energy. She inspires engaging with your imagination when exploring yoga postures, breath and relaxation.

Allie Williams

Allie's goal as a teacher is to inspire her students to use yoga as a tool to cultivate strength and subtlety in their bodies and minds. She believes that there is a type of yoga for everyone, and that the practice should be accessible and playful, as well as spiritual.

David Donnelly

David’s classes are dynamic, creative, and playful. His goal is to inspire students to challenge themselves in a positive way. The internal journey that yoga facilitates is what he loves so much about the practice, believing it is a tool to connect more deeply to your true self. With a dedicated practice and an open heart he hopes you can take these self discoveries from the mat and into your daily life.

Lucy Bishop

'I’ve loved being taught yoga by Lucy B. The classes are relaxed and supportive, with a mixture of abilities and freedom to go at your own pace. I’ve never laughed in a yoga class this much, which is really fun and refreshing! I’m learning so much, and feeling so much more connected to my body.'