Teacher categories: Sound healings

Kelly Thomas

Taking a playful, explorative and inclusive approach to teaching, Kelly offers space to move intuitively with compassion and breath. Options for all levels of experience and energy are offered, encouraging a sense of curiosity to find space and self-agency throughout your practice.

Claudia O’Connell

Claudia teaches classes that are welcoming for all levels, creating a space for people to be curious and discover what yoga can mean for them. Her classes are creative and dynamic; expect to sweat a little but go at your own pace, leaving class feeling re-energised.

Suze Shaw

Suze loves to move, and wants to share that love with everyone! Come and join a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where we’ll move through creative flows to find space in the body and the mind.

Leah Bush

Leah's classes are designed to be all inclusive and accessible for all, held in a safe and friendly environment. Interlaced with both spiritual and philosophical themes she aims to help you unite all elements and aspects of the self . Expect fun explorative and sometimes challenging classes with room to explore, laugh and have autonomy over your own body.

Aleisha Leonard

Aleisha’s teachings take a gentle trauma informed approach, to help you find agency within your own practice, and meet you where you’re at.

Theresa Aldridge

Theresa's intention as a teacher is to help students acquire an awareness of the body and breath and to work towards strengthening the body, calming the mind, opening the heart and cultivating balance in the face of life’s challenges and find deeper access to joy and potential.