Teacher categories: Yoga

Natalie Dale

Natalie's classes always finish with a mini head-massage that will hopefully ensure you float out of the class feeling more chilled than you entered the room. Her aim is for her class to be accessible to all and for you to take out of it what you need most on that day. Her motto is, "Happy student, Happy teacher".

Maxine Barratt

Maxine is an open hearted person who approaches her teaching and practise in the same way. She teaches a strong flow with both subtle and physical alignment cues and hopes that her teaching allows each person that attends an opportunity to find space and clarity in what can sometimes be a hectic world.

Kirstie Bird

Kirstie likes to have fun when she teaches, encouraging her students to smile when a pose is tough, and not carry any ego. She feels like she has found her true calling teaching yoga and likes to pass on her enthusiasm and passion for the practice onto her students. Encouraging them to reap the benefits not just on the mat but taking them into their daily lives.

Nadia Kramer

Nadia’s classes provide a sanctuary away from the roaring city. Her style is grounding yet creative and intuitive allowing each individual to re-centre and re-connect with their inner peace and power.

Amandine Babin

Amandine's classes will help you connect your body and mind, experience each moment by moment. Discover stillness through movement and meditation.

Claire Hawkins

Claire’s classes celebrate the joy of movement and the empowerment and gratitude gained from discovering your own body and the wonderful things it can (and can’t!) do.