Anita Jasser

Anita Jasser

Anita is deeply passionate about teaching yoga as a transformative, healing and empowering practice for all levels. With a focus on breath, Anita will take you on a deeply transformative journey. It will take a little courage, and the rewards will be to live a life you are proud of. With a background in therapeutic massage and a training in body psychotherapy, you will experience a safe space in which to explore your inner landscape.

Anita Jasser is a highly trained Forrest yoga teacher with a multi-disciplinary background in healing modalities. As a body psychotherapist in training (available to see clients in September 2019), reiki practitioner and a biodynamic massage therapist, Anita combines all of this knowledge with breath work, meditation and asana to allow students to get to know themselves from a physical and emotional perspective. This level of self-awareness while practicing helps to unwind the past in the body. Her passion is to help transform the lives of students so that they can find more freedom in their poses and in their lives.

She teaches from a place of integrity and experience from her on personal journey of transformation through the Forrest Yoga practice, which has led her to lead a more grounded, connected and authentic life.

During class, she offers students a practical toolkit to help manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm so that students can become more at ease in their bodies. This style of practice requires some courage to truly look within and the rewards will be to lead a more authentic and empowered life.

Anita offers modifications for all levels and teaches based on the four pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.