Kate Hiley

Kate Hiley

Kate’s classes are the perfect combination of mindfulness and fun! Hopefully you laugh just as deep as you breathe and leave feeling more connected to yourself and your body. She believes that through joy and playfulness we are able to draw ourselves away from our busy minds and come back to our bodies, to our breath and hopefully to be more present.

Since starting yoga over 10 years ago, Kate has naturally gravitated towards a fun and playful style. She began her yoga journey in Paris in 2009, then moving to Indonesia in 2014 where her practice developed, exploring various styles of yoga from Dynamic to Restorative through to Meditation and Sound work. As a practising artist, her passion lies in the creativity of sequencing and finding ways to have fun in class. If you’re laughing at yourself then you’re doing it right! Kate believes that through joy in physical movement and playfulness we can grow more mindful of our bodies and in turn more mindful of ourselves and the world around us.

Kate’s classes focus on fun, fluid, mindful movement. Students of all levels are encouraged to explore their own unique range of motion and to develop a strong physical awareness that they carry can through into their everyday life. By combining her interests in anatomy, breath work and vinyasa flow, Kate aims to create balanced classes that incorporate both the dynamic and restorative elements of yoga, with the hope that each person will leave with a little extra strength and space in both mind and body.

The studio is now closed for lockdown All classes will be broadcast online. Please see this page for more details on Zoom and our most up to date studio protocol.