Leanne Natkaniec

Leanne Natkaniec

Leanne is a caring, dedicated and passionate teacher who wants to inspire you to explore and deepen your practice. She will teach you to safely strengthen and open the body, and calm down the mind and senses.

Why yoga? Leanne worked a lot, on her feet, and antisocial hours.  Her curiosity and tired body led her to try yoga and she was instantly amazed!  Almost immediately her body felt lighter and stronger, she was inexplicably happier somehow, she wanted more!  

In the beginning the yoga was as invigorating physical practice, but it soon began to work on other levels. Everyday life was being impacted by a new heightened awareness. Her daily routine, social life, diet, habits, reactions and behaviour all changed as yoga became a lifestyle. In her mid thirties, life feels new and exciting again, peaceful and balanced, as can only be achieved by truly living in each moment, one by one.

She began teaching whilst travelling and living in off- grid communities and realised that yoga is universal, she could help anyone to feel happier and more comfortable in their body.  She wanted to share the secret power of yoga, She felt it was wrong to keep it for herself! Naturally an enthusiastic sharer, she has always been someone who supports and empowers others, and so becoming a teacher felt very natural… although she will happily and gratefully be a student for the rest of her days too!

She is so happy and fulfilled to be able to help many kinds of people everyday. Whether it be relieving bodily pain or stress, providing a calm space without judgement, or simply offering a healthy and effective way to boost well-being and energy levels  Caring and approachable, she is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and inspiring you to improve yourself through a remarkable journey of self discovery.