Louise Moreland

Louise Moreland

Louise is passionate about helping students get what they need from their yoga practice – recognising that may be different from student to student, and from day to day. Her classes are inclusive – offering plenty of options throughout, light-hearted and dynamic. Expect to play with balance, strength and stretch to maintain mobility and function in the body, as well as develop focus and calm in the mind.

Louise is originally from New Zealand, she’s been living in London for the past 18 years and combines yoga teaching with her other role as a lawyer.

She is a firm believer that yoga can be for every body, and for every stage of life. She loves welcoming beginners and those who may think yoga ‘just isn’t for them’ to her classes along with more seasoned students.

Louise teaches dynamic hatha yoga, combining flowing sequences that link movement to breath with held poses.

She encourages students to work in a way that feels good for them, offering plenty of options as well as progressions so there are always opportunities to develop. She loves helping students develop a positive relationship with their bodies and minds through yoga, encouraging them to notice and appreciate all the things they can do throughout the class and day.

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