Maryann Huynh

Maryann Huynh

Maryann is a strong believer in the power of yoga on the mat, but most importantly – off the mat! She believes this practice enables us to live better and to become the best version of ourselves. She also believes that the practice of yoga can be fun and lighthearted – expect bad jokes, a bit of silliness and to leave class feeling energised but calm.

Maryann first stepped on to a yoga mat in January 2008 in New York City.  At that time, yoga for Maryann was just another form of exercise.  Fast forward to six years later in London – yoga became much, much more for Maryann.  Regular, consistent practice since then has allowed Maryann not only to have a fitter body, but more importantly, a healthier mind.  Maryann continues to be amazed at the benefits of this beautiful practice and considers it a privilege to share it with others.

Although each one of Maryann’s classes is different, her teaching philosophy is the same – she aims to encourage her students to express their fullest potential on (and off!) the mat but also to have fun.

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