Nadia Kramer

Nadia Kramer

Nadia’s classes provide a sanctuary away from the roaring city. Her style is grounding yet creative and intuitive allowing each individual to re-centre and re-connect with their inner peace and power.

Ironically, Nadia came to Yoga as a reluctant ‘last resort’ believing that she could continue pushing and ignoring the warning signs to slow down.  In 2016, after landing a leading role in a musical in Miami, she hit burn out. She began experiencing panic attacks, acquired injuries in both her hamstrings and had formed an abusive relationship with her body. It was then that she began to question her crazy pace of life. 

It was in Miami where she began a programme of therapy through Yoga encouraging her to practice daily Yoga Asana and meditation. Her daily practice slowly helped her to find the first tiny threads of mind and body connection instead of mind and body war and realised that burn-out occurs when we avoid being human for too long. 

Nadia’s classes remind us to be the rebels of society and step off the treadmill of productivity and out of the rat race. She offers a safe space for her students to give themselves permission to slow down. Nadia provides us with a toolbox for London life. Through grounding breath work and creative, intuitive sequences she nurtures her students to listen to the subtle feedback of the body and the mind.  

Nadia is a professional dancer and musical theatre performer and trained with The Julie Montagu School of Yoga.

Our physical studio is now closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our classes have been moved online. Please see this page for more details.