Natalie Dale

Natalie Dale

Natalie’s classes always finish with a mini head-massage that will hopefully ensure you float out of the class feeling more chilled than you entered the room. Her aim is for her class to be accessible to all and for you to take out of it what you need most on that day. Her motto is, “Happy student, Happy teacher”.

Natalie qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher in a tiny little town in India back in 2014, having first discovered yoga back in her local gym in Essex in 2001 under a glorious teacher named Jaz. Yoga became a big part of her life when working in the somewhat stressful fashion industry and ‘ego-free yoga’ became a welcome relief to her fashion career. It was then that the trip to India was planned and a career change started. Yoga took on a new chapter in her life following a traumatic birth and a difficult recovery from birth injuries. Natalie now adores teaching post-natal yoga to bring mums together and share her knowledge of safe core and pelvic floor recovery after birth.

Natalie appreciates yoga for all its wonderful benefits and loves teaching just as much. A normal 1 hour class incorporates breath work, sun salutations, asanas, an indulgent savasna with blissful Indian head massage. All Natalie hopes for is that students leave her class happy and therefore so will she be. She does not profess to know everything or be able to do every pose or have the power to help you reach enlightenment but she hopes to deliver a little bit of yoga to everyone. The class is what you make it, if you want a hardcore class that will give you sculpted arms and abs, there will be modifications and advance poses to suit. Alternatively if you just want to lie in savasana for an hour, then be Natalie’s guest!

The studio is now closed for lockdown All classes will be broadcast online. Please see this page for more details on Zoom and our most up to date studio protocol.