Natasha Coco Lee

Natasha Coco Lee

Why does nobody talk during Yoga? Haha! Coco loves an exchange of energy and dialogue
during class, within reason of course! She can sometimes be serious but although
focused…doesn’t take herself too seriously and invites you to at times, rediscover your inner child. She encourages students to show up with no judgement and an open mind to receive and share offerings together.

Natasha Lee (more often known as Coco) has a professional dance background, influenced and trained in hip-hop and contemporary dance; with a career in performance and choreography, locally and internationally.

Starting yoga as maintenance for her body, it had been a small part of her career but took on a bigger role in 2017 whilst experiencing many classes on her travels in Bali. This was Coco’s entry point, where her spirituality deepened and the practice became an integral part of her life. She stepped in with one foot and leaped in with the other, as it almost instantly created life changing and positive influences on her life!

Coco started her Training in Aerial Yoga which is a practice which she loves and is very close to her heart as she has witnessed it transform peoples’ lives along with ailments and injuries in the body, including her own. She since continued with various teacher trainings.

Coco has taught around the world creating positive change towards representation, empowering students to embrace the bodies in which they are in, whether it be size, colour, age, gender or ability. She wholeheartedly believes in the use of props to support and find nuance in the Asana (postures) and likes to have a play with these during classes, introducing different ways in which we can use them.

Coming from a dynamic background she balances teaching between a space of dynamism and Yin/Restorative. Her practice is also alignment focus based where safety of practice and care of the body takes precedent. You will receive doses of Yoga Philosophy as she aligns the theoretic side of the practice with the practical. You can expect some creative play and inquiry, as we explore what feels good in our bodies, the most important thing of all 🙂

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