Sarah Savage

Sarah Savage

Sarah is here for the moments of magic in our yoga practice – a softening, an opening, a moment of feeling something new or long-forgotten. She’s much more interested in how something feels than what it looks like. In her classes Sarah takes you on a journey of body and inner-world awareness and exploration – always with plenty of space for trying out less well-trodden paths and finding your own groove.

Sarah shares slow, explorative yoga flows and nourishing practices of breath, meditation and rest, designed to help us connect more deeply with ourselves and our present moment experience.
Her wish is to guide people in connecting to the wisdom of their bodies, with a focus on moving with intention and in a way that feels good.
Behind her teaching is a conviction that through kind attention and the magic of motion we can start to feel into new areas, release unhelpful patterns and find a greater sense of joy, freedom and connection that ripples into other aspects of life.
Sarah’s classes are inspired by her own ongoing journey of self-enquiry and self-expression, day-to-day experiences and interactions in the world, and an interest in neuroplasticity, heart and body intelligence, trauma and mindfulness teachings.

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