Simona De Robertis

Simona De Robertis

Simona believes that yoga is not about touching your toes or standing on your head, but all about the transformative journey to get there. With her playful and creative flows, she guides her students to trust their instinct and let their bodies surprise them. Her yoga is all about acceptance and inclusion, calming the mind through the movement and having a good laugh!

Simona attended her first yoga class about four years ago, when she moved to London from Italy to pursue a career in science. She still recalls her confusion mixed with mild concern when the teacher asked the students to ‘cross the chin’. It all made sense a few classes later, after she discovered the existence of the English word ‘shin’!

It was love at first practice. All those Chaturangas, warriors and dogs kept her smiling through the frustrations of failed experiments, broken equipment and stubborn supervisors… science is not as exciting as it appears! After many, many Vinyasas, she decided to invest 200 hours of her time to become a yoga teacher to share with her colleagues the benefits of a practice that had changed her life. Since then, she cannot decide whether her true skin is the lab coat or colourful yoga pants.

Rooted in Ashtanga, trained in Vinyasa, she is learning how to fly with Rocket. With a playful mix of rigour, creativity, rebellious spirit and silly jokes, her yoga aims to free the mind through the full expression of the body.


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