Tabitha Avanzato

Tabitha Avanzato

Tabitha does not take herself or the class dynamic too seriously, so expect to come and have a giggle and maybe grab a coffee after!

Tabitha’s intention and style of teaching yoga is centered around a dive into physical alignment within the flow state in the hopes that students become empowered in their physicality; tune into themselves and develop neuroplasticity to create space and make more accessible the mental and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice.

She likes to take the vinyasa tempo down a few BPM’s to allow time for Iyengar inspired alignment cues set within an intentional flow; this helps to build stronger, more stable flows. All this paired with a focus on breathwork at the start and end of class allows students to feel safe in their bodies and completely release into the flow state with hypnotic playlists and a playful attitude.

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