Class Styles

We have a variety of yoga classes to suit everybody and every experience level. If you are a complete beginner and don’t know where to start, check out our FAQs page or get in touch, we would love to help you.


The beauty of the Primary Series sequence is that it is both accessible and challenging, we encounter both dynamism and deep stillness.  The postures build one after the other to strengthen and open the body, internal heat is created through breath and bandha (internal body work), the mind steadies and the senses sharpen..

Once the set sequence becomes familiar, students gain confidence and progress noticeably.  The sequence is always the same, yet always feels new and exciting as we are always changing! The mat becomes a place to grow, to enquire, to observe, to let go, to try, to accept.   We encourage students to stop pushing and pulling, to deepen the postures through the breath alone.

Beginners yoga

This class will be suitable for complete beginners and for anyone who has done some yoga but is a little out of practice or would like a tune up!

A perfect introduction or refresher. Each week we will focus on teaching basic yoga postures (asanas) with a real emphasis on moving the body in a slow and mindful way whilst connecting movement with the breath. Compassion takes precedence over getting it right, we want you to feel confident and comfortable whilst encouraging self acceptance and exploration.

This will be a slow and steady class adapted to suit all bodies. You will learn a range of breathing exercises and techniques to help focus your mind and stimulate relaxation. You will leave feeling happy and lifted, both emotionally and physically 🙂

Community yoga

Classes to suit absolutely every body and every budget

These classes will be broad and open to all covering all aspects of yoga from pranayama (breathing exercises) postures (asana) and meditation. Our teachers will observe the room and aim to give you an hour for introspection, self enquiry and reflection, leaving you feel ready to face whatever life throws at you.

Dynamic Vinyasa

A strong, alignment focused vinyasa flow to iron out all the kinks and boost your energy for the rest of the day. Open to all levels, expect to be challenged.

Flow to restore

A slow, mindful flow exploring what feels good for your body with breath lead movement, finishing with a relaxing set of restorative postures over bolsters and extra long savasana!

Suitable for all levels, beginners very welcome! Expect to leave feeling calm and happy, ready to face whatever life throws at you.

Hatha / Vajrasati

Why not give yourself a break from all that rushing around? Start your weekend with an early morning hatha yoga class with Claudia.  With a meditative teaching style, Claudia teaches at a gentle pace straight from the heart, inviting you to slow down, unravel and breathe freely, paying attention to each posture and the here and now.  Welcoming students of all ages and experience to her nourishing classes, postures are taught with attention to alignment and variations are offered to cater for both newer and longer time practitioners.

Not without more dynamic asanas (postures), classes often involve the use of props (blocks, bricks, blankets, chairs, walls) as a way to bring a deeper awareness to different aspects of the postures or to aide alignment while still increasing your flexibility and strength.

Classes differ from week to week so students enjoy variety and classes may include pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra (chanting) and will always end with a lovely relaxation.

Gong bath and sound healing

A deeply restoring, soul nourishing Sound Bath experience. Simply lie down and relax to the meditative sounds of the Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls in an epic sound healing journey.

Wear comfy clothes and warm layers, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows (optional) will be provided.

Afterwards everyone is welcome to stay for herbal teas and biscuits.

Slow flow

A nourishing and mindfully paced vinyasa flow class, connecting breath with movement. You will be guided through a moving meditation, weaving an embodied, fluid and soulful asana practice with pranayama, meditation and mantra. During these holistic classes you will be encouraged to channel the awareness inward as you explore the internal landscape, connecting mind, body and soul. This breath-led sequence is set to beautifully crafted playlist and uses intention as a touchstone throughout the practice.

All levels are welcome, modifications and progressions are offered.

Mum (or dad) and baby

A safe and active postnatal yoga practice where you can tune back into your body with your baby. Focus is on stabilising and gently strengthening the core and creating space in the upper body, and having fun with your baby. Partners and close friends are welcome too, if you want to share the caring duties!

Welcome from anytime after mum has been signed off by the doctor, up until they’re just walking. Tea, biscuits and chats after, please bring your own baby blanket. If you have any questions or worries, please do get in touch with us first 🙂


Pilates mobilises the spine and focuses on strengthening the deep abdominals. It’s built upon natural movement aiming to return your joints and muscles to their natural state.  You’ll work through a classical flow on the mat, that Joseph Pilates created and recorded in his book “Return to Life” (basically a rant about how modern living has ruined our posture and the need to get up and exercise, this man was born before his time!).

Pilates focuses on the smaller and deeper muscles which leaves your body feeling longer, lighter and develops inner strength enhancing your daily life and other fitness regimes.

Prenatal yoga

This class is a safe space where you will have the opportunity to relate to your baby, move through the challenges of pregnancy with yoga postures, and use different breathing techniques to find ease and calm.

Each week the class will have a different focus in preparation for a positive labour experience and motherhood. After the session, you will have the opportunity to connect to other mums-to-be over a cup of herbal tea and biscuits.

Senior yoga (Chair or mat based)

A gentle way to stretch the body, build flexibility and strength, conscious breathing and meditation. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We will guide those who can work on the mat and those on chairs being careful to work around any aches or pains!

Slow Flow and meditation

This gentle-paced class will allow you to be taken through each pose slowly and mindfully, linking the breath with movement. When we take our time, our nervous systems ease up, our minds slow down, our muscles become more supple and our breath deepens.

This class will help build a stronger body while releasing tension and allow you to explore deepening your breath and how it anchors you in your body, helping you to live more in the present moment. Meditation, as the core practice of yoga, will give an insight into and connect us with ourselves with results that are powerful and far-reaching. 

Vinyasa flow

These classes help students to build strength, stability, and flexibility – for the body and the mind, both on and off the mat. We teach with kindness and humour, never taking the asana or ourselves too seriously – laughter, chatter, and personality are all very welcome in our classes.

Moving through warming sun salutations, strong asana, and winding down into gentle opening stretches, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to face London life once more.


Yin yoga is a calm, mindful and very conscious type of yoga where we are moving from pose to pose and finding stillness. We hold poses for 3-8 minutes and work with fascia (connective tissues in our bodies that separate and hold our organs in place).  Yin yoga recently gained in popularity amongst athletes (especially runners, golfers and cyclist), yogis who practise stronger forms of yoga such a vinyasa, ashtanga or rocket but also people with sedentary professions.

The reason yin yoga works so well is that it encourages our natural posture and works with our connective tissues to have a profound effect helping us to feel more at home in our own bodies.

It also works as an equaliser to more high intensity activities (runners may find this type of yoga elongating their step, golfers their swing deepening and yogis may find it resets their asana habits and gives them more time in the poses than usually to savour the benefits).

Yin yoga is suitable for all ages, no experience necessary. It can work as a wonderful tool for many ailments including back ache, headaches, stress and anxiety.

Coming soon! Please email us if you are keen to attend any of the following:

  • Kundalini
  • Yoga for runners
  • Yoga for men
  • Charity yoga

We also offer private and corporate classes with most of our talented teachers, get in touch to find out more! x

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