Private Classes

We love private classes! For now they are all online via Zoom. They are great if you are completely new to yoga, if your schedule doesn’t work to studio times or if you just want some 1 on 1 teaching to help you work with injuries, accelerate your practice or feel less stressed out.

We believe in creating a relaxing and sacred space whether its at your house, in our studio in Camberwell or out in the park, we will take the time to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and renewed.

Correct alignment and breath is very important to help you get the most benefits out of your practice and reduce the chance of injury.  ‘Right alignment’ is different for every body so we will focus a lot of attention to help you find yours… if you want that – some people prefer no adjustments and that is ok too!

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can find the right teacher and put together something special to suit your needs 🙂

Our physical studio is now closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our classes have been moved online. Please see this page for more details.