Stress is the biggest cause of long term absence and second highest cause of short term absence in the UK (behind minor illnesses) and is increasing year on year.

Looking after the wellbeing of your staff is essential for maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Having the opportunity to take time out during or after your day can really help to keep stress levels at a minimum.

​Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can be really effective at helping to relieve the physical and mental stress that often accumulates with corporate jobs. The more time spent releasing tension in and around the work day, the less likely these tensions are to escalate into something that requires time off work. Happier and healthier staff leads to increased efficiency, productivity and creativity as well as less days off sick.

​Classes are completely tailored to your needs. It could be a regular weekly class that combines movement with relaxation and breathing techniques or it could be a one off session put together as a team building or health and welfare exercise.  Whatever this looks like we will work closely with you to come up with something enjoyable that delivers the right results.

Classes are held in your place of work, this could be a meeting room or an open space, or at our studio in Elephant and Castle/ Camberwell SE5 0NG. We are very close to Central London, less than 20 minutes from Waterloo and London Bridge. Classes can also be held via Zoom for up to 100 employees at a time, globally.

  • Regular classes can be held anytime during the day or after work from 30 – 60 minutes long – Choose from yoga, anti-desk yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
  • One off workshops can run for 2 hours to a full day – Stress reduction workshops are one of our specialities.
  • We also put together half day or full day retreats which are completely tailored to you and an amazing way to reward staff in a positive and healthy way.

No equipment required.

Please get in touch here to discuss your requirements 🙂

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