Yazmin McCoy

As someone who despite having a love for yoga for many years felt anxious and intimidated by yoga instructors & studios. Yazmin wanted to create a safe space for everyone in her classes to be themselves, to feel confident in their bodies and within their practice. Inspiring a positive relationship with movement and flow Yazmin believes there is balance both on and off the mat and doesn’t take herself too seriously, so expect a few giggles along the way.

Yaz Smith

Yaz helps her students feel empowered through their yoga practice and helps her students to feel the energy that they create on their mat.

Tabitha Avanzato

Tabitha does not take herself or the class dynamic too seriously, so expect to come and have a giggle and maybe grab a coffee after!

Suze Shaw

Suze loves to move, and wants to share that love with everyone! Come and join a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where we’ll move through creative flows to find space in the body and the mind.

Sophie Rumble

Sophies' classes are creative, playful and nurturing, striking the balance between effort and ease, strength and stillness. Through weaving in ancient yogic philosophy, her goal is to encourage students to reconnect to their bodies and minds.

Patricia Tosi

Patricia is a strong believer that yoga is for everybody and that moving with the breath is the best meditation there is.

Natasha Coco Lee

Why does nobody talk during Yoga? Haha! Coco loves an exchange of energy and dialogue during class, within reason of course! She can sometimes be serious but although focused…doesn’t take herself too seriously and invites you to at times, rediscover your inner child. She encourages students to show up with no judgement and an open mind to receive and share offerings together.

Maryann Huynh

Maryann is a strong believer in the power of yoga on the mat, but most importantly - off the mat! She believes this practice enables us to live better and to become the best version of ourselves. She also believes that the practice of yoga can be fun and lighthearted - expect bad jokes, a bit of silliness and to leave class feeling energised but calm.

Louise Moreland

Louise is passionate about helping students get what they need from their yoga practice - recognising that may be different from student to student, and from day to day. Her classes are inclusive - offering plenty of options throughout, light-hearted and dynamic. Expect to play with balance, strength and stretch to maintain mobility and function in the body, as well as develop focus and calm in the mind.

Leslie Bickle

Leslie is passionate about health and wellness and loves to help people listen to their unique bodies. In her classes, she focuses on the breath to help fuel the movement and yoga postures, and encourages people to be kind to themselves by incorporating more self care on and off of the yoga mat. Expect to be welcomed into class with a warm smile and open arms and be left feeling refreshed, more energised and grounded after her class.

Leah Bush

Leah's classes are designed to be all inclusive and accessible for all, held in a safe and friendly environment. Interlaced with both spiritual and philosophical themes she aims to help you unite all elements and aspects of the self . Expect fun explorative and sometimes challenging classes with room to explore, laugh and have autonomy over your own body.

Kelly Thomas

Taking a playful, explorative and inclusive approach to teaching, Kelly offers space to move intuitively with compassion and breath. Options for all levels of experience and energy are offered, encouraging a sense of curiosity to find space and self-agency throughout your practice.

Jeison Rosendo

Jeison believes that any reason is a good reason to move - to feel connected, embodied or simply a stretch - he believes in the power of choice and will encourage you to choose from props to upside down poses- your body, your boundary. He hopes to help you move out of your head and into your body!

Hayley Elam

Hayley is passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone, she encourages people to move their bodies in a way that feels good, not caring if it looks good. Her classes are breath focussed, light hearted and fun; expect to have a giggle, move mindfully and come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Claudia O’Connell

Claudia teaches classes that are welcoming for all levels, creating a space for people to be curious and discover what yoga can mean for them. Her classes are creative and dynamic; expect to sweat a little but go at your own pace, leaving class feeling re-energised.

Amandine Babin

Amandine's classes will help you connect your body and mind, experience each moment by moment. Discover stillness through movement and meditation.

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