Simona De Robertis

Simona believes that yoga is not about touching your toes or standing on your head, but all about the transformative journey to get there. With her playful and creative flows, she guides her students to trust their instinct and let their bodies surprise them. Her yoga is all about acceptance and inclusion, calming the mind through the movement and having a good laugh!

Rosie Slay

Rosie wants to help people build a positive connection with themselves, each other and the world around them. Her classes are challenging and fun, with attention to alignment and use of props to help you find a pose that feels good in your body.

Matt Mulcahy

Matt is an encouraging, playful and passionate teacher that aims to share yoga in an accessible and friendly way. With a focus on breath awareness and mindful movement, Matt encourages his students to challenge themselves, to find a moment of stillness and leave with a renewed sense of balance, in both body and mind.

Mary Betteridge

Mary teaches a gentle, flowing, healing practice. Stretching the whole body, bringing awareness to the breath to calm the mind. Giving students time out from their everyday lives, aiming to lead them to feelings of  rejuvenation and relaxation.

Leanne Natkaniec

Leanne is a caring, dedicated and passionate teacher who wants to inspire you to explore and deepen your practice. She will teach you to safely strengthen and open the body, and calm down the mind and senses.

Lara Speroni

Lara firmly believes Yoga helps everyone on their own individual path towards physical and mental wellbeing. It supports and complements every daily living activity. During every class Lara likes to help students towards a paced and safe practice, according to individual requirements. Precision and alignment are always key. She likes to share her knowledge with the aim of guiding the students to know themselves, their bodies and their minds. Yoga is a tool of self-discovery and self-help.

Katrin Baumgarten

For Katrin, yoga is an everlasting exploration of the body and mind connection, a light-hearted…

Kate Bullen

Passionate about sharing the spiritual practices that light her up, Kate encourages her students to use their yoga practice as a vessel for self-inquiry. Her classes are soulful, creative and mindful. Expect embodied movement to be weaved with breath-work, nuggets of philosophy and meditation.

Holly Harman

Holly likes to incorporate asana, breathing, meditation, mind-body connection and terrible jokes into each class. There is always an adjustment or a way to push yourself a little further and a little nap at the end.

Hayley Elam

Hayley is passionate about making yoga for accessible for everyone, she encourages people to move their bodies in a way that feels good, not caring if it looks good. Her classes are breath focussed, light hearted and fun; expect to have a giggle, move mindfully and come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Harold Coggins

Harold has studied, practiced, and taught for over 25 years, the philosophy and ideology of…

Fiona West

Fiona came to yoga looking for something that would help her body become stronger and more…

Eloise Le Santo

Eloise is passionate about sharing the healing power of yoga with others and truly believes that yoga is for every body. She strives to make all her classes accessible and welcoming to all. Expect playful movement, flowing sequences, and plenty of smiles!

Ella Tighe

Ella Tighe is a dance artist and yoga teacher based in South East London. Ella…

Claudia Taylor

From a childhood in the green hills of rural Devon to the last 20 years…

Claudia Spurio

Claudia teaches a vinyasa flow that will set you up for a great day! Stimulating sequence, breathing and grounding all to an upbeat soundtrack. She'll get you from bed to mat quicker than you can say "Utthita Hasta padangusthasana".

Clare Barnard

Clare came to yoga via a philosophy degree and working as a windsurfing instructor. When…

Claire Hawkins

Claire’s classes celebrate the joy of movement and the empowerment and gratitude gained from discovering your own body and the wonderful things it can (and can’t!) do.

Anita Jasser

Anita is deeply passionate about teaching yoga as a transformative, healing and empowering practice for all levels. With a focus on breath, Anita will take you on a deeply transformative journey. It will take a little courage, and the rewards will be to live a life you are proud of. With a background in therapeutic massage and a training in body psychotherapy, you will experience a safe space in which to explore your inner landscape.

Amandine Babin

Amandine's classes will help you connect your body and mind, experience each moment by moment. Discover stillness through movement and meditation.