Emily Haquin

Emily Haquin

Yoga has been a deeply transformative practice for Emily and one she hopes to share with anyone looking to explore what it means to inhabit our bodies more fully and live from a place of loving presence. Emily believes in bringing people together to share this beautiful practice, together developing greater trust in the innate wisdom of the body.

For Emily, Yoga is a continuous exploration of embodied presence. It’s a practice of integration that allows us to remain alive to what is unfolding, moment to moment. By tuning in to this inner wisdom and training our awareness we can more easily live from a place of love and compassion, seeing ourselves as deeply interconnected.

Yoga is for everybody, and she aspires to make her classes as accessible as possible so that more people can experience this practice, and through it build caring communities.

London's friendliest, non competitive, affordable yoga studio in beautiful Camberwell. Helping all humans to feel great in their bodies! ❤️