Teacher categories: Beginners Yoga

Ewa Walker

Ewa was drawn to the mat for the physical and mental challenges the practice provided and kept her coming back because of the positive impact it had on her life.

Emily Haquin

Yoga has been a deeply transformative practice for Emily and one she hopes to share with anyone looking to explore what it means to inhabit our bodies more fully and live from a place of loving presence. Emily believes in bringing people together to share this beautiful practice, together developing greater trust in the innate wisdom of the body.

Megan Brown

Megan aims to deliver classes that deeply touch the soul of each individual that comes to her classes by not just teaching the physical poses but by incorporating elements of meditation, breathwork and spirituality to each class.

Sophie Rumble

Sophies' classes are creative, playful and nurturing, striking the balance between effort and ease, strength and stillness. Through weaving in ancient yogic philosophy, her goal is to encourage students to reconnect to their bodies and minds.

Yazmin McCoy

As someone who despite having a love for yoga for many years felt anxious and intimidated by yoga instructors & studios. Yazmin wanted to create a safe space for everyone in her classes to be themselves, to feel confident in their bodies and within their practice. Inspiring a positive relationship with movement and flow Yazmin believes there is balance both on and off the mat and doesn’t take herself too seriously, so expect a few giggles along the way.

Yaz Smith

Yaz helps her students feel empowered through their yoga practice and helps her students to feel the energy that they create on their mat.

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