Leslie Bickle

Leslie Bickle

Leslie is passionate about health and wellness and loves to help people listen to their unique bodies. In her classes, she focuses on the breath to help fuel the movement and yoga postures, and encourages people to be kind to themselves by incorporating more self care on and off of the yoga mat. Expect to be welcomed into class with a warm smile and open arms and be left feeling refreshed, more energised and grounded after her class.

Leslie is a Canadian opera singer and yoga teacher, a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy Opera program. She has a huge passion for yoga and has teaching qualifications in vinyasa, mandala, yin and restorative yoga and is a member of Yoga Alliance.

She is an entrepreneur at heart, and founded Yoga with the Breath, an international health, wellness and yoga company specialising in high level elite performers and athletes.

She has a keen interest in breathwork and helping people manage anxiety.

Leslie is originally from Toronto, Canada, but currently resides in London and teaches yoga at various companies in the city, including Our Parks UK, who offer barrier free access to quality exercise available to everyone and uniting communities.

Photo credit – https://www.instagram.com/tonyfphotography/

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